I woke up at two in the morning with the roaring sound of a lorry, or a Harley Davidson, or a 747, or all three, passing underneath my wide open first floor bedroom window. The night was hotter than we expected. We had just come through a few days of a canicule – a heatwave […]

We’re moving. Cupboards in the kitchen are being emptied of things we don’t need to take with us and I’m finding things that already came from our Scottish kitchen. Packet sauces bought in a fit of thinking they would broaden my children’s culinary tastes, jars of capers that never quite made it into a recipe […]

(This post is really sweary, just so as you know).  Okay. Here’s the gist of it. In a nutshell. Not to overcomplicate things too much. Just #whattheactualfuck is going on? I only step out of the country for a measly three years and – #boomashakka – the whole bloody world went and turned upside down and […]

What made going to see the Tour of Flanders cyclists fly by in a wee Belgian village special compared to watching them do it on the TV? Well, I couldn’t just politely say to my husband that I’m tired and leave the living room to go to bed so as to avoid the funny, informative […]

I have Timehop on my phone, an app that shows you pictures that you’ve shared online on that specific day in the past. It’s a nice way to be reminded of things that were important enough to share and a week ago it showed me a photo of me and my Nanna during our last […]

Time passes and things change, sometimes with such abruptness that we’re left speechless, sometimes so quietly and imperceptibly that we barely notice it happening. But happen it does and I saw some of the silent change this morning as I dropped my girls off in their classrooms at school.   My girls’ school is very […]

I’m sitting waiting in a room on the 5th floor of a Haussmannian building just a stone’s throw from the St Lazare train station. The impeccable inside of the building couldn’t be more further removed from the dirty stained stone walls of its outside AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! MY ARM IS ON FIRE!!!!!   Oh my good grief!!! […]