Oh good grief. Here I go again. Precisely one year ago, whilst still living in Paris, I decided to get myself a wee bit slimmer and a whole lot fitter. I signed up for a fitness plan based around counting macros (fat, protein and carb contents of what I eat), exercise and the support of […]

The nights are fair drawin’ in here in the north east of Scotland. The sun currently sets at 1603 and my girls are surprised by how quickly it’s dark after they get home from school. We have pictures up in the kitchen of them bouncing like banshees on their then-new trampoline in the garden, the […]

Just what is it that you’re meant to do when you don’t have a clue? When life throws up a situation that stumps you, when a set of circumstances conspire to make something that is foggy and unclear and unknown. It’s maybe helpful that today, here in the north east of Scotland, it is so […]

There are a few things about an expatriate move which aren’t quite as glamorous and thrilling as one would immediately believe. Yeah, sure, you get to completely immerse yourself in another culture for a lengthy period of time. You experience foods and traditions, weather and friendships that you wouldn’t have back home. It’s a huge […]

I woke up at two in the morning with the roaring sound of a lorry, or a Harley Davidson, or a 747, or all three, passing underneath my wide open first floor bedroom window. The night was hotter than we expected. We had just come through a few days of a canicule – a heatwave […]

We’re moving. Cupboards in the kitchen are being emptied of things we don’t need to take with us and I’m finding things that already came from our Scottish kitchen. Packet sauces bought in a fit of thinking they would broaden my children’s culinary tastes, jars of capers that never quite made it into a recipe […]

(This post is really sweary, just so as you know).  Okay. Here’s the gist of it. In a nutshell. Not to overcomplicate things too much. Just #whattheactualfuck is going on? I only step out of the country for a measly three years and – #boomashakka – the whole bloody world went and turned upside down and […]